Betty Kaplan

Betty Kaplan

About me

Quirky, edgy, hip, loud when needed, but also warm and approachable. Frequently cast for alternative roles, physical acting and silent characters, but also for fast-paced dialogue and energy loaded scenes. 


Acting age
25-40 years
Place of birth
Riga, Latvia
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Berlin (DE)
Housing options
Bangkok (TH), London (GB), Berlin (DE), Manchester (GB), Basel (CH), Stockholm (SE), Belgrade (RS), Hamburg (DE), Freiburg im Breisgau (DE), New York (US), Atlanta (US), Riga (LV), Tallinn (EE), Amsterdam (NL), Tel Aviv-Yafo (IL), Jerusalem (IL)
Action / Martial arts actor, Actor, Dubbing actor
Special skills
Dramatic fighting scene choreographer


Professional background

Universtiy of Jerusalem BA in Theater

Other professional training

Independent Drama
UCB Training Center, NY
One on One Studios, New York
Christa Kimlicko Jones
Bill Hopkins Studio, NY
Ted Bardy Studio, NY
Stella Adler-New York - Studio of Acting
The Room Theater, Tel Aviv
Impro Acting Studio, Tel Aviv
Gerard Bechar Center, Jerusalem​
Hebrew University of Jerusalem


A Youtuber and a Demon. Best Fantasy Short from Afraid. Online Film Awards
Bronze Award for Best Acting Duo in A Youtuber and a Demon from LA Independent Shorts Awards
A Youtuber and a Demon. Best WTF film from Cannes World Film Festival.
Mauthaus. Platinum award for Best Fantasy Short from Independent Shorts Awards


Role Play (Cinema film)
Bartender Chazz (SR) Thomas Vincent Producer: Studiocanal [fr] Station: Amazon Prime Video
Post Mortem (Short film)
Dr. Nadia Alum (SR) Gabriel Horn Producer: Gabriel Horn Produktion [de]
Nadia (Internetfilm) (Short film)
Nadia (LR) Famil Agayev Producer: Serkalo Filmproduktion
Mauthaus (Short film)
Der Tote (LR) Betty Kaplan Producer: Betty Kaplan Produktion [de]
Jerry Has Fear (Internetfilm) (Short film)
Evgenia - besorgte Freundin (LR) Clemens Helmchen Producer: Clemens Helmchen Produktion [de]
Polymer (Short film)
Jen (SR) Matthew Karges Producer: Maze-Bright Films, Matthew Karges [de]
The Moment (Short film)
Astrea - partisan, runaway (LR) Richard Rumchurn Producer: AlbinoMosquito [uk]
Ryan (Short film)
Ryan (LR) Laurence Mills Producer: Laurence Mills Production [uk]
Hear Me (48hour Film Project Amsterdam) (Short film)
Seven Ipek Sertöz Producer: Ipek Sertöz Produktion [de]
Walk With Me (Short film)
Natalia - lonely drifter (LR) Andrew Golledge Producer: Andrew Golledge Production [us]
Train Approaching (Short film)
Lynn - veterinarian (SR) Barry DeBois Producer: Bruth Media [us]
Pearl - The Assassin (Feature film)
Michele (SR) Guy Patton Producer: Patton Production [us]


Blue Light (Webserie) (Series)
Betty (GR) Miceal Og O'Donnell Producer: Cagesafe Productions [us]
Producing Juliet (Webserie) (Series)
Andrea (SR) Tina Cesa Ward Producer: Ward Picture Company [us]
The Graveyard Shift (Webseries) (Pilot)
Emily Cooper (LR) Thomas Dunn Producer: Dog Eared Media [us]


Upheaval (Chekhov on Hudson)
Mae — anxious sister Joan Kane Theater: Primary Stages
Holly — heartless drone pilot Karen Raphaeli Theater: Planet Connections Theater
Some Girl(s)
Tyler — impish ex-girlfriend roger Del Pozo Theater: Nunya Productions


Private Guide
Private Guide Producer:
Bouge (Workshop production)
English (LR) Huseyin Oz Producer: Kino Caen [fr]
Here is Where You'll Find Me (48h BraveFutures Berlin) (Workshop production)
Homeless (LR) Jacob Wolf Lefton Producer: Jacob Wolf Lefton Production [de]
Soul Swap (Workshop production)
Vicky/Vladimir (LR) Hakan Cavdar Producer: Kino Kabaret Basel [ch]
A Youtuber and a Demon (Workshop production)
Demon (LR) Betty Kaplan Producer: Kino Moutarde [fr]
La 5èmé République - Fighter (NOT RELEASED) (Music video)
Fighter (LR) Victor Vermersch Producer: Victor Vermersch Produktion [de]
Whole (Workshop production)
Baddie (LR) Reuben Smart Producer: Kino Loop (Projektgruppe Kinokabaret) [de]
Peter and a Jogger (Workshop production)
Robber (LR) Clemens Helmchen Producer: Kino Loop (Projektgruppe Kinokabaret) [de]
Simple (Educational production)
Alyssa (LR) Dasha Shvartcman Producer: Metfilm School Berlin [de]
Remote (Workshop production)
Disturbed traveler (LR) Elad Rath Producer: Kino TLV, Kinokabaret Tel Aviv [il]
Hopscotch (Workshop production)
Imaginary friend (LR) Reuben Smart Producer: Kino Loop (Projektgruppe Kinokabaret) [de]
Kinky Games (Showreel production)
Girlfriend/fighter (LR) Betty Kaplan Producer: Kino Loop (Projektgruppe Kinokabaret) [de]